Survey Developer

• Save and organize favorite measures into folders
• Put measures in the desired order of administration

• Combine favorite measures into a survey

• Name and save surveys

• Edit surveys
• Create PDF of survey (to print for in-person administration or inclusion in IRB proposals)

• Create codebook of items, variables names, and response options for guiding statistical analyses of data

Project Management System

• Set up your study requirements
• Recruit participants

• Screen potential participants

• Obtain informed consent, parent permission or you assent
• Randomize eligible participants to conditions

• Schedule survey administration

• Deploy surveys using preferred communication method (e.g., text, email)
• Administer surveys

• Track survey competition
• Set schedule to send reminders to survey participants

• Send incentives to participants

• Download data

Learning Management System

• Set up organization chart for projects or study sites
• Set up administrators and permissions for projects and study sites

• Enroll research participants

• Track course completion

• Create certificates of completion for learners

• Include quizzes or tests
• Dashboard including responses to questions and lesson completion times

• Download data

• Deliver e-Learning courses or interventions in a SCORM-compliant manner

• xAPI to enhance tracking of learning activities and allow for e-Learning outside the web browser (use of mobile apps)